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portada Alpha Blue: Operating Manual for Young Men (en Inglés)
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22.9 x 15.2 x 1.1 cm
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Alpha Blue: Operating Manual for Young Men (en Inglés)

Bruce Hansen (Autor) · Outskirts Press · Tapa Blanda

Alpha Blue: Operating Manual for Young Men (en Inglés) - Hansen, Bruce

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Reseña del libro "Alpha Blue: Operating Manual for Young Men (en Inglés)"

To All the Men... From the time we are born until the day we die, we each have our own path. Along this path we have choices to make. The decisions we make always have consequences that help determine our direction and our experiences. Sometimes our choices are made with the aid of good information or guidance from wise and experienced older men. With this guidance, our results are often improved and rewarding. But, much of the time we end up making choices based on a lack of information, ignorance, or even false information (lies, sometimes deliberate, but often unintentional). When this happens, the consequences we experience are often unpleasant and sometimes tragic. This manual was written to enlighten young men with the "good information" (or "truth," as I see it), and to instill in them the wisdom and experience of an older man while providing them the best chance for making good decisions that will bring them success, victory, joy, prosperity and the good life. As it turns out, this book is also an excellent tool for mature men, to give them a structured guide to teach the younger men in their lives. We often give our advice in snippets as an incident comes up, which is always too little and too late. This manual allows elders a chance to contemplate these issues ahead of time and to give some good ideas on how to add to them, from their own experiences. That younger fellow might be a son, nephew, student, a player on the team you coach, or a young man in the church you pastor. So from that standpoint, this manual is meant to be a giant "heads up" for men of all ages. What about the Women? From the inception of the idea, to daring to write this type of book, the author was keenly aware that he was as much of an expert about young men as any layman could be, but lacked that expertise when it came to young women. As such, this manual sticks to the male theme and the issues that young men face. However, much of what is discussed is generic to both ge

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