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    portada C-Lord Trilogy (libro en Inglés)
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    C-Lord Trilogy (libro en Inglés)

    Andre Giordano · Tellwell Talent

    C-Lord Trilogy (libro en Inglés) - Andre Giordano

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    Reseña del libro "C-Lord Trilogy (libro en Inglés)"

    THE TRILOGY IS THE STORY OF GURU DEV in the after life and his involvement with Brahma in the creation of Heaven on Earth. Peace and prosperity for times to come. The story is not factual; it is simply based on the imagination of the author.  In it as well, Lord Shiva and his Consort are reincarnated in this world and will be working hand in hand with the C-Lord, in the continuation of the story. This three short stories, the First one, is to introduce the C-Lord or Companion of Lord Shiva also called the Destructor. We have at First the description of the life of Guru Dev, his accomplishments and that of his disciple Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who introduced the TM and TM Sidhis. Then a visit by the C-Lord to MERU where resides the spirit of Mother Earth. In the second story the C-Lord goes to India. Saving a Soul is the story of a Guru afflicted by a curse and Brahma decided to swiped souls, he takes that of the Guru back and C-Lord spirit enter the body at its place, then the story unfold for the good of humanity. Not only the Guru's spirit avoid a unpleasant after life, wanting when alive to commit suicide, but also his disciple Godfrey get to live a full life and replaced the offce of the Guru. The third story is about the doors that Heaven has at five different locations in the world India, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA Iowa and New York. The purpose of the doors is when souls are transferred from heaven, the usage of the door crystallized the ether to solid and therefore enjoy earth in a moretangible way.  The story though is more about the door in New York, the city wants to demolish the park where the location of the door is and replaced it by Condos. Brahma sends the C-Lord to fixe the situation. It is not complete, in a sense, because the reincarnations of the Lord and She-Lord have still have to make their introduction. They have two years before the First extra terrestrialswill introduce themselves to man, giving time to unfold the story.

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