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portada I'd like to complain..: Getting more than 'sorry' when things go wrong (en Inglés)
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I'd like to complain..: Getting more than 'sorry' when things go wrong (en Inglés)

Drew Matthews (Autor) · Createspace Independent Publishing Platform · Tapa Blanda

I'd like to complain..: Getting more than 'sorry' when things go wrong (en Inglés) - Matthews, Drew

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Reseña del libro "I'd like to complain..: Getting more than 'sorry' when things go wrong (en Inglés)"

Nobody likes bad customer service, as a customer you want to feel loved, and feel like you're being treated well, or at least fairly, by whatever company you are dealing with.Things go wrong however, thats a fact, we don't live in a perfect world and companies do make genuine mistakes. We have to live with that, but often they are things that could be avoided, and with a little thought on the side of the company you are dealing with, be more palatable for you as one of their customers. In this book, I'll explain how to complain effectively, or, if you dislike the word 'complain'; how to make a point, and receive something to make that pain a little better. I'll explain how to get as close to the top of a company as you need to get to obtain the result you want; I'll explain what to do, and how to do it, so that in the majority of cases you'll get something back from the company that broke your customer experience.But why should you take my advise? Well.. I've not only worked in customer service centres, I've also been the one doing the complaining on more than one occasion. People who know me have often asked how I get results, and how I've managed to get the gratuities or good will gestures I have from companies. For over 10 years I've followed a few key points when I've needed to complain to a company. In some of those cases the resulting outcome has been financial, 50 credited to my account, reversal of a charge, a gift voucher, a reduced bill, or obtaining an item for free. In other cases the result has been to fix the issue, and go beyond to provide the service that should have been provided initially. In all cases what I've obtained has made the pain of a company lets say, 'making some mistakes' a little easier to swallow.

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