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    portada Nova 1965-1975 (libro en Inglés)
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    Nova 1965-1975 (libro en Inglés)

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    Recíbelo entre el Viernes 06 de Marzo y el Lunes 23 de Marzo.

    Reseña del libro

    This reissue of a cult design book, Nova 1965–1975, celebrates one of the most influential magazines in history.   Known as “the thinking woman’s magazine,” the British publication Nova set itself apart from its fashion-focused contemporaries by being politically, socially, and sexually aware. Its groundbreaking design and layout borrowed from the psychedelic subculture and underground press of the day, and Helmut Newton and Don McCullin were among its photographers. It covered controversial issues such as abortion, pedophilia, lesbianism, and the Pill, and was one of the first magazines to include black models. And it published writers such as Susan Sontag, Christopher Booker, and Germaine Greer. David Hillman and Harri Peccinotti, the magazine’s Deputy Editor and Art Director, have compiled this collection to showcase the very best covers and articles from Nova’s decade-long output, and they offer their thoughts in detail.

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