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    portada Taken With the Enemy (libro en inglés)
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    Taken With the Enemy (libro en inglés)

    Tia Fanning · Independently Published

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    • Estado: Nuevo
    Origen: Estados Unidos (Costos de importación incluídos en el precio)
    Recíbelo entre el Miércoles 29 de Enero y el Jueves 13 de Febrero.

    Reseña del libro

    My captor tells me that I’m not a prisoner of war, but how else can I see myself? I was abducted and brought to an unknown location in the middle of the desert. I’m sequestered behind a locked door and bars cover my windows. I even have an armed guard who takes me for walks. But he, the nameless captor responsible for my care, claims otherwise. He tells me that he’s not my enemy, that if he was, I’d already be dead. He promises to release me when the time is right. He says I’m safer now—with him—than I was before. Despite his reassurances, I do not feel safe. Though he has treated me kindly, given me every comfort a prisoner could ever want or need, I have to find a way to leave—and soon. I don’t understand how it’s possible, but my captor knows me. He knows my past, he knows my secrets, knows just what to say to move me… and what to say to break me. I have been taken by the enemy… and I must find a way to escape before I’m taken with him.

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