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    portada Boo-Boo! (Terrific Toddlers) (libro en inglés)
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    Boo-Boo! (Terrific Toddlers) (libro en inglés)

    Carol Zeavin; Rhona Silverbush · Magination Press

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    Reseña del libro

    Here comes JoJo. JoJo likes to run FAST! She is running, running, running down the block. Uh-oh! JoJo falls down and bumps her chin. When JoJo falls down and hurts her chin, her dad tries to help her boo-boo. But JoJo is scared! Her dad helps her understand that boo-boos aren’t so scary. Boo-Boo! soothers toddlers fears about small cuts and scrapes.  Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers about helping toddlers with minor injuries. Written with simple language and reflective of children’s realities, the Terrific Toddlers series is based on understanding of the developmental level of young toddlers.  Titles include All Mine!, Boo-Boo!, and Bye-Bye!. From the Note to Parents and Caregivers:We know they’re low to the ground, but with their high energy levels and fearless explorations, toddlers sure are prone to injury. Most such injuries are minor—cuts, scrapes, and scratches—so we adults just want to clean and bandage them quickly, with a minimum of fuss. If only our toddlers would let us! But to a toddler, even a small cut, scrape, or scratch is a big deal. After all, toddlers don’t yet know that the injury will repair itself. It’s an assault on their growing, but as yet fragile, sense of wholeness. They think they’re broken forever. And sometimes, no matter how uncomfortable the injury, toddlers are likely to consider the cure to be worse. “No Band-Aid!”* But once a toddler has come to understand that Band-Aids are not the enemy, the Band-Aid becomes the cure-all. Covering the wounded area makes the toddler feel whole again.

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