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portada Illegal Substitutions
Libro Físico
N° páginas
Tapa Blanda
21.6 x 14.0 x 2.0 cm
0.45 kg.

Illegal Substitutions

Ella Haines (Autor) · Libra Libros LLC · Tapa Blanda

Illegal Substitutions - Haines, Ella

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Reseña del libro "Illegal Substitutions"

A friends-with-benefits arrangement. A surrogacy contract that demands confidentiality. Will their relationship survive when the truth comes to light?Chloe Aloyan never expects her best guy friend to suddenly show an interest in her. After secretly longing for Kenny for a decade, she agrees to a confidential surrogate arrangement for their mutual friend. Why does he have to notice her now, of all times? Oh, right... pregnancy boobs. Surprisingly, as her heightened libido kicks in, Kenny appears more than willing to help scratch that itch.Kenny, usually very wary of commitment, grapples with jealousy as Chloe embarks on a new chapter of her life. She's journeying into single motherhood and staunchly refuses to discuss her future as a mother or the deadbeat, unknown father. That's fine. He'll step up. And If Chloe's hormones ignite a hunger in her... well, he'll be there for that too. After all, isn't that what friends are for?Yet, as the pregnancy progresses, Chloe finds herself yearning for more from Kenny, pushing boundaries. Meanwhile, Kenny wrestles with uncomfortable doubts about Chloe's secrets and her reluctance to discuss the future.Can their love withstand the weight of revelations, or will the reverberations of lies not only fracture their fragile romance but also threaten the bedrock of their lifelong friendship?One-click to start reading this angsty yet heartwarming best-friends-to-lovers story today!

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El libro está escrito en Inglés.
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