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    portada Red Shadow and Other Stories (libro en inglés)
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    Red Shadow and Other Stories (libro en inglés)

    Amos Keppler · Midnight Fire Media

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    Reseña del libro

      Lawrence Watros is an ordinary man doing an ordinary office job. There is nothing exciting about it, nothing exciting at all. Each day is the same. Nothing ever changes. His existence is dominated by routine, by a regiment constantly repeating itself.   Larry’s life sucks. He certainly thinks so and he has found no one disagreeing with him on that.   He has always looked at the patterns of his surroundings, never really making a production of it, but that is his forte, if anything is. Now, with one single event the pattern changes, is disrupted beyond recognition.   He meets the girl of his dreams, but she isn’t exactly miss congeniality. The first thing she tells him is that he’s in danger, in mortal danger.   It only grows weirder and more dangerous from there.   His life changes irrevocably and it keeps changing from that one, startling event. The mighty river of time is blocked and takes a completely different path.   This is an anthology of novellas and short stories and short short stories the author has written the last twenty years.   It contains two novellas, four short stories and several short short stories.

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