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    portada Tiger Time Level 4 Student Book + Ebook Pack (libro en inglés)
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    Tiger Time Level 4 Student Book + Ebook Pack (libro en inglés)

    Mark Ormerod · Macmillan

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    Recíbelo entre el Martes 28 de Abril y el Viernes 08 de Mayo.

    Reseña del libro

    George and Marion are veteran detectives, partners for ten years. But when a bust goes bad they’re killed. George from a shotgun blast, Marion a knife to the back. Filled with shock they watch as their bodies are bagged and taken away. Seemingly alone and with a thousand questions they venture to a hill top to look down on their funeral exchanging impressions as they watch. But their conversation is overhead by a homeless man. How can that be? They soon learn from a fortune teller, that they’ve left this mortal coil but not the world they lived in. They’re Ghosts. When they visit the police station they called home away from home for over a decade they’re greeted by the police chief who like the fortune teller can see and hear them and he needs their special help on a case.  With a homeless man, a Fortune Teller and their old boss they’re tackling cases in the world they thought they left behind only now they’re Ghost Detectives.

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